Groups of more than 20 people special discount

Menu 17€


  • Chicken cannelloni truffled with chindrón sauce Canelón
  • Salad of natural roasted peppers Turbante
  • Puff pastry with cream of king pravns, mousroms and leeks Hojaldre
  • Tomato with sweet onion, blaks olives and basil cheese Tomate
  • Raviolis and onion candied and goath chees in mussroms creme Raviolis
  • Haricot bean soup with Wild boar and chorizo sausage Alubias
  • Table of deer sausages and Teruel ham Embutidos
  • Pork sausage in fried bread with grapes and mussroms Migas
  • Of the master Manolo Monclus mixed goat´s cheese Quesos
    (papaya, red wine, thyme, smoked ewe)
  • Cold tomato and vegetable soup or Ham mélon
  • Gazpacho/Melón
  • Spaghetti Bolognese Espaguetis


Second Course

  • Roasted suckling pig with fried potatoes Cochinillo
  • Roast suckling Lamb with potatoes Cordero asado
  • Grilled entrecote bovine steak with potatoes Entrecot
  • Lamb chops grilled with fried potatoes Chuletas
  • Stewed deer to somontano wine with pottoes Ciervo
  • Chicken breast filled up with Iberian ham with roquefort Pechugas
  • Grandma's Alquezar lamb stew Ternascoguiso
  • Mixed fried Melsa sausage boletus, trufle cantharellus with potatoes Longaniza
  • Saltcod in a tomato sauce with red peppers and potatoes Bacalao
  • Baked duck confit with orange sauce and potatoes Pato


Homenade Desserts. Plum pudding Pudin Rice pudding Arroz, Contesa ice cream,Helado Chocolate trufles, with cream, Trufas, Mascarpone Tiramisu, Cream caramel flan
Bread, 1/4 Wine D.O. Montesierra, or water. I.V.A. Incluido 17.00 Eur.
The rest of drinks will be charge extra
Shared menus supplement of 3 €

Especial menu

Four starters to share

Micuit shavings with the reductión of Serry in orange
Small dish of deer and wild boar sausages and ham from Teruel
Small tomato with sweet onion, blaks olives and basil cheese
Local bread crumbs and grapes


Seconds to choose from group

  • Roasted suckling pig 400-500 gr. with fried potatoes (supplement 6 €) Cochinillo
  • Roast suckling Lamb 400-500 gr. with potatoes (supplement 6 €) Asado
  • Broken goose eggs with truffle and ham, with potatoes Oca
  • Local sucling lamb chop with potatoes and fried Graus sausage Chuletas
  • Grilled sirloin cow Pirineram steak with potatoes Solomillo
  • Grilled Swordfish with mixed salad and pipper sauce Emperador
  • Grilled Georges prawns ( 6/8 pieces ) Langostinos


Homenade Desserts Plum Pudin, Cream caramel Flan, Chocolate truffles, Rice cream, Arroz. Mascarpone Tiramisu, Ice cream Contesa Ice cream in whisky Tarta whisky
Not included drink
21 Eur I.V.A. Included
This menu is served for all the guests of the table, minimun 2 menús
Recommended wine Monesma castle € 12 bottle



  • Chicken cannelloni truffled with chindrón sauce Canelon                             12.00
  • Salad of tomato, oregano, cheese, and foië-grass Ensalada tomate           10.00
  • Fried goose eggs (one Ud.) with potatoes and grated truffle Huevos oca  14.00
  • Goat´s cheese master Manolo Monclús, with Teruel ham: Quesos              14.00
    (Red wine, Thyme, Smoked sheep)
  • Salad of natural roasted peppers Turbante                                                      10.00
  • Duck liver foië-grass, with sauce of sherry with orange Micuit                     14,00
  • Slices of foië-grass in Port and preserves Filetes Foië                                   16,00
  • “Migas” (Sausage in fried bread) with egg and foiê-gras Migas                    12.00
  • Melon with Ham and mayonnaise (Only in season) Melón                            10.00
  • Cold tomato and vegetable soup Gazpacho                                                    8.00
  • Mushroom puff pastry, prawns and leks Hojaldre                                         10.00
  • Navarra asparagus with Iberian ham Esparragos                                          10.00
  • Haricot bean soup with wild boar and chorizo sausage Alubias                10.00
  • Iberians slices local deer, with Teruel´s ham Embutidos                             14.00
  • Ibérian Ham plate Jamon ibérico 14.00
  • Goat´s cheese master Manolo Monclús, with: Quesos                                14.00
    (thyme, papaya, red wine, Smoked, Paprika, Basil)
  • Bread Slices and tomato with Virgin olive oil Rebanadas                            3.00
  • Plate of croquettes, Iberian ham,sausage prawns (9Und) Croquetas       10.00
  • Fried eggs on potatoes, truffle an Iberian ham Huevos                               12.00


  • Grilled Georges prawns ( 8 pieces ) Langostinos                       12,00
  • Little prawna Scampy (10 pieces) Gambitas                               10.00
  • Grilled Fish sword with Salad and potatos Emperador            15.00
  • Saltcod in tomato and peppers sauce Bacalao                         10,00
  • Squid to the Roman (rabas) (Rabas)                                             10.00
  • Mixed Paella,with chicken,rabbit and shellfisch one portion   15.00
    (Minimun order is 4 portions)


  • Roast suckling pig with potatoes 400-500 gr. Cochinillo                              18,00
  • Roast suckling Small local lamb with potatoes Ternasco asado                 18.00
  • Mask of cooked deer oxtail in red wine with potatoes Ciervo                       14.00
  • Grilled local lamb chops with sausage Chuletas                                             12.00
  • Grilled sirloin cow steak with potatoes Solomillo                                             15.50
  • Pirineo´s Entrecot cow steak with Entrecot                                                        12.50
  • Breasts crumbed chicken fillet up with ham with roquefort Pechugas        10,00
  • Grilled pork loin, with potatoes and sausage Lomo                                         10,00
  • Mixed Sausage of boletus, trufle, cantharellus with potatoes Longaniza    10.00
  • Grandmother's young lamb stew (Casserole) Ternasco                                  10,00
  • Veal's steak, with potatoes Bistec                                                                        11,00
  • Baked duck confit with orange saice and potatoes Pato                                10.00


Homemade desserts

  • Plum pudding Pudin                                                3,50
  • Rice pudding Arroz con leche                                3.50
  • Brandy and almonds chocolate trufles Trufas    3,50
  • Créme caramel Flán                                                3,50
  • Mascarpone Tiramisu Tiramisu                              3.50

Ice creams

  • Sponge cake with whyski Tarta al whyski 3.50
  • Ice cream (Contesa ) Helado contesa 3,50
  • Iris coofee Café irlandés 4.50
  • Vienneese coofee café vienés 4.50

The Wines

  • Special “Sangría homemade 1 litre                                                            10.00
  • Special “Sangría homemade 1/5 litre                                                                6.00


  • Gewurztraminer                (Viñas del Vero)                                      15.00                                               
  • Glárimas  Gewurztraminer-Chardonay , (Sommos)                       11.00
  • Montesierra  Gewurztraminer-Chardonay- Macabeo (Pirineos)   9.00


  • Glárimas  Syrah- Cabernet    (Sommos)                                      12.00
  • Montesierra Cabernet-Merlot (Pirineos)                                      9.00 
  • Villa de Alquezar, rosado de aguja                                               10.00


  • Recommended  Castillo de Monesma  Merlot-Cabernet  (Roble)                                     12.00
  • Viñas del Vero  Merlot-Cabernet                                                                                                 11.00
  • Montesierra   Cabernet-Merlot  (Pirineos)                                                                                   9.00
  • Merlot Syrah El caballo.    (roble)   (Pirineos)                                                                              12 .00


  • Rioja Ramón Bilbao  (Crianza )                                                           16.00
  • Enate   Tempranillo-Cabernet    Crianza                                          16.00
  • Laus  Merlot-Cabernet   (Crianza)                                                     18.00
  • Leonor Lalane    (Merlot-Merlot)  (Crianza)                                      29.00


  • Rioja Marqués de Riscal  Tempranillo  (Reserva)                                                                   31.00
  • Recommended   Señorío de Lazán  Cabernet-Merlot- Tempranillo ( Reserva)             18.00
  • Enate Reserva                                                                                                                               29.00

Cavas and Champagnes

  • Castillo de Perelada                                                                           10.00
  • Codorniu  1.551 Brut Nature                                                              12.00
  • Anna de Codorniu  Brut  Nature                                                      18.00